Physical description

Who is Thorin?
Thorin is considered at the moment the leader of the dwarves and seems to be a good fighter after having had slayed the goblins with Gandalf in chapter four.
Thorin is the descendent of the dwarf king and used to be very rich and priveliged.
He is the son of Thror and from what Gandalf has said he has been doing coal mining for a living.
Thorin Oakenshield is the strong leader of the dwarfs.
Problems Thorin experiences
Thorin in chapter two experiences a big problem with the trolls, as well as the other dwarfs do since they are caught by the trolls in bags. When they are caught the biggest problem was death, since the trolls were threatening to cook them in many different ways, he got out of that problem thanks to Gandalf's very good voice-changing skills.
If i'm not mistaken in chapter four he also faces problems with goblins and attacks them with Gandalf using their swords, the Goblin-cleaver and Foe-Hammer. After killing some of them he runs away.
In chapter 6 they face one of there hardest problems the wolves even though he didnt do anything he did face a problem against them He just stayed in the tree and waited but he got away which is what was important.