Chapter 6
In the beginning of this chapter, Bilbo escapes from the cave and realizes that he is on the side of the Misty Mountains closest to Mirkwood. He finally catches with the company but goes right by Balin since he still has the ring on. But, he didn't tell anyone about this powerful ring. Bilbo and company are very tired but Gandalf insisted to continue. Later on in the chapter, the company has to climb up trees because of the attacks of the wargs (a type of savage, intelligent, wolf). Gandalf tries to get rid of the wargs by throwing fire at them, but that only causes more trouble. At that moment, the goblins come and since they are not scared of fire, they stamp out all the fires except for the one by the trees that the company is stuck in. Meanwhile this was happening, the lord of the eagles sees this and comes down and helps the dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf by taking them out of the trees. Then, Bilbo overheard the Lord (of the eagles’) conversation with Gandalf (after they had been rescued) about the eagles saying that they will take the company part of the way on their journey but will not get close to any men. The dwarves and hobbit are treated well and are given food. Their journey through the Misty Mountains is over, but they still had a long way to go.