When Bilbo finally woke up the first thing he noticed was that he was all alone. No dwarfs and no Gandalf. He slowly got up and started to feel for the wall. While he was on the ground looking for the wall he felt a small ring. He picked it up and put it in his pockets. When he finally found the wall in the dark tunnel he got up and started to follow the wall. He finally got to a body of water that he thought was a lake. A skinny creature, Gollum, came up to Bilbo and spoke to him.

Then Bilbo and Gollum make a deal;if Bilbo can answer some riddles Gollum tells him, Gollum will show him the way out. If Gollum can answer the riddles Bilbo tells him, he could eat Bilbo. After this they were tied, so Bilbo asked Gollum what is in his pocket. Gollum had three chances, but he never guessed, so Gollum lost. Bilbo was telling Gollum that he had to show him the way out. Gollum told Bilbo that first he had to get some things. Then this is the part in which Gollum realices that he lost is precious ring. Gollum accuses Bilbo for stealing the ring, so he attaks him. When Gollum was attaking Bilbo, Bilbo accidentally put on the ring and Gollum past just "through" him. Now that Bilbo knows the rings power he follows Gollum who thinks that Bilbo knows the way out( Gollum is going after Bilbo). At the exit Gollum stops because there are a bunch of goblins, so Bilbo "jumps" over Gollum and passes the goblins. But then one goblin noticed a shadow so they started going after Bilbo into the woods. Then he was finally free.