In chapter 4 "Over Hill and Under Hill" it all starts off with J.R.R. Tolkien telling us about all the paths that go up the mountain or into the mountain. The fact that most of them are traps, deceptions, and cheats that led to nowhere or to evil things. One night in their adventure Gandalf, Bilbo, and the 13 dwarfs find themselfs in the middle of a thounderstorm with very little shelter. Their shelter was just a hanging rock. Also their were stone-giants throwing boulders at one another and throwing them down into the dark side of the mountain. So basically they are wet from the rain, cold from the wind with the rain, next to a cliff (with a long way down), and to top it all off stone-giants throwing rocks all over the mountain. So they send Fili and Kili (the youngest dwarfs) to look for a beter shelter and soon they both come back with good news. They found a cave big enough to fit all of them and the ponies. They all set up for the night and go to sleep. Bilbo (like every other night) starts to get bad dreams about cracks in the cave getting bigger and bigger with who knows what coming out of them, so he wakes up. All of a sudden he noticed a crack in the cave getting bigger so he screams as load as he can with all his mite. With a quick jump goblins start filling the cave. After seconds there were enough golins for six to each dwarfs and even two for poor Bilbo. While the goblins were catching the dwarfs and the hobbit, Gandalf struck a spell with staff and quickly killed a few goblins. Quickly they were all grabbed and carried through the crack. When it did close Gandalf (once again) was not in sight. Soon a red light was before them and the goblins began to chant a song. The red light was a great fire in the middle of where the goblins would gather. Poor little Bilbo and the dwarfs noticed goblins all over their ponies doing all sorts of things to them... that was also the last time they ever saw them because goblins tend to eat horses, ponies, and donkeys (and more). They were chained up and taken to the Great Goblin where he asked them what they were doing in the mountain, where they came from and who they were (as if it would do them any good). The goblin had Thorin give him the information he wanted. Thorin tried his best to lie, but a goblin warrior had searched him and found his sword. Thorins sword had been Goblin-cleaver, but the goblins call it Biter. The only thing they hated worse about the sword was who was carrying it. The Great Goblin shouted to kill them and even he was charging open mouthed to attack the chained up dwarf. Just then the great fire and all the tourches around it went out. Soon after a sword (with its own light) went straight through the Great Goblin. A voice said "Follow me quickly!" and before Bilbo could understand he saw himself running around doing as told. It was Gandalf who had killed the goblin and saved the band. He had killed the Goblin with Glamdring the Foe-hammer, yet the goblins called it Beater. As they ran away they could hear the goblins following. Dwarfs are fast, but goblins are simply faster. At one point Gandalf and Thorin took out their swords and goblins who had been right behind them had found out (a little to late) that they were going up against Goblin-cleaver and Foe-hammer (shinning in their own light) and they all gave a final yell before the rest of them ran away. Dori, who was last in line because he was carrying Bilbo, was grabbed from behind and fell. Bilbo rolled of his back but hit his head on a rock.