Summary for Chapter 2

In chapter two, Bilbo decides that he will go on this adventure that the dwarves and Gandalf planned out for him. He joins the group of dwarves, where he gets on a very small pony and begins his journey. They passed through hobbit-lands at first, but then made their way into the Lone-lands, where it was absolutely empty and gloomy. Gandalf disappears without telling them where he went and everyone becomes very disapointed. They stopped to rest, when they see something glowing in the distance. Since Bilbo is their burglar, the dwarves tell him to go see what is going on. Bilbo finds three trolls eating and drinking, and he can't help taking something from them. So he tries to pick-pocket William, but gets caught. The trolls don't know what to do with him; one wants to cook him, another wants to squash it, or they wanted to put him in a pie. So then they began to argue, and the dwarves showed up to see what all the noise was from. The trolls caught the dwarves one by one, and when Thorin came, he tried fighting them, but that didn't work for too long. By this point, Bilbo had been kicked into some bushes and all the dwarves were stuck in sacks. The trolls were going to roast the dwarves and eat them later, but then Gandalf secretly started to imitate their voices and confuse them, so that when the sun came up, the trolls would turn into stone. The dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf, find the dwarves' cave and collect food and weapons. Gandalf then explains that he had gone off to look ahead and met two elves that said there were trolls around that area, which took Gandalf back to their camp to save them just in time. Of this, the dwarves and Bilbo were very thankful.