dbImage.jpgWho is Bilbo Baggins?

Bilbo is a very easy-going hobbit that likes simple things (i.e. smoking and eating). But, with enough persuasion, he can get involved in "un-Baggins-like" ideas. This makes it seem that Bilbo is easily influenced by the people around him. This may result negatively, because people can hammer some pretty bad ideas into his little hobbit-brain.

Bilbo can also be brave. For example, in Chapter 2, "Roast Mutton", Bilbo is sent by the dwarves to investigate a fire. He finds big, hungry trolls, and spots a wallet in one of the troll's pants, as he hides behind a bush. He wants to seem useful and skillful as a thief to the dwarves, so he decides to steal it. He also likes things to be tidy and can get into quite a temper when things aren't. Bilbo has exceptional manners, and showed them when the dwarves and Gandalf came. He is polite when he can be, but sometimes loses his patience. He showed this when the dwarves and Gandalf came by hitting himself. He appreciates comforts in life that he experiences at the beginning of the book, and longs for them throughout the book. He seems to be slightly self-conscious for caring about what his neighbors think.

Bilbo is a simple, polite hobbit that got caught in an adventure requiring bravery and determination. He can't stand the thought that people think badly of him (opinion), that's why when the dwarves asked him to scout ahead, he wasn't able to say no, because he couldn't stand that they might not want him on the adventure anymore or they might figure out that he wasn't really a burglar.