Bilbo had an internal conflict in the beginning of the book. He was happy without an adventure, just sitting nice and warm in his hole, but then the dwarves come along, and Gandalf. They tell him how Smaug stole all their gold and glory, and how they want it back. Bilbo is supposed to be their burglar. Should he go to an unknown, dangerous adventure? Should he just stay safe at home? A part of him wants to go, but the other doesn't. He has to make a decision. "The Tookish part of him wants to see the great mountains, and hear the pine-trees and the waterfalls, and explore the caves, and wear a sword instead of walking-stick..." But he was also surprised and shocked with Thorin's words. They made him realize that it was very dangerous and risky. Finally, the conflict is solved: (p. 18) "Then Mr Baggins turned the handle and went in. The Took side had won."

__Bilbo's Conflict:
First a conflict is a serious disagrement or argument and what Bilbo goes through are both internal and external conflicts in my opinion. First I belive is the internal conflict. Bilbo is asked to go and see what the fire in the mountain side is about. Then when he finally reaches the mountain he sees 3 trolls around a fire. Since he was called a borglar bilbo thought he could not go back to te dwarves emptyhanded. So here is were the internal conflict begins. Bilbo knows it is dangerous but on the other side he thinks as i said before that he can't go empty handed to the dwarves. So finaly he decides to make his name (burglar) worhty. Now this is where his external conflict begins. He goes up to the troll william sticks his hands inside the toll's pocket and gets a purse inside. However then the toll turn's around and grab's Bilbo. Then the troll's start talkng about weather to eat him or let him go. Finally this continues and the dwares start coming one by one and all are captured. So Bilbo's internal conflict lead to his external conflict in which his life and other's were at risk.